LIHAN Technology Co. Ltd.

Our company, Lihan Thermoacoustics Co. Ltd., was co-founded by the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC), a division of the Chinese Academy of Science, and Shenzhen Lihan Technologies Co. Ltd. in 2007. We have our scientific foundations in thermoacoustic theories developed by Dr.Luo Ercang of TIPC and his team over two decades. Our mission is to enhance and commercialize thermoacoustics in three major applications: cryogenics, power generation and heat pumping.


Currently, our thermoacoustic cryogenics technologies have matured and our cryocoolers, which we independently design, manufacture and market, have been well-received by both domestic and international customers. To meet the increasing demands of our customers, especially those have formed long-term partnership with us, we founded Lihan Cryogenics Co. Ltd., a subsidiary dedicating to the designing, manufacturing and marketing of cryocoolers, in2014.