Lihan's highly regarded research aims at expanding the scope and depth of thermoacoustics
  • Introduction to Thermoacoustic Effect

    Introduction to Thermoacoustics

    Thermoacoustic Effect allows conversions between mechanical energy and thermal energy by using sound waves (aka “pressure waves”) as medium. The process starts with the gas being heated in the “hot region”, a treatment that inflates gas volume. The inflation then results in the gas being pushed into the region of lower temperature, the “cool region”, and this relocation shrinks gas volume as previously acquired heat is losing. Simultaneously, inflated gas creates sound waves that spread outwards at the speed of sound, causing wave reflections in certain mechanic structures such as tubes and chambers. Consequently, gas that was losing heat during the preceding mechanism returns to the hot region, where the gas is re-inflated. This process of gas inflation and re-inflation altogether forms a cyclical heat-sound self-excitation, thus the name of “thermo (heat) acoustics (sound)”.

    Thermoacoustic applications can be done both in forward (“positive”) processes or backward (“negative”) processes. During forward processes, thermal mechanisms lead to the creations of sound waves, which could be transformed into mechanical energy. Thermoacoustic engine, a new form of heat engine, works based on such forward processes. The backward processes work in exactly the opposite way. In certain mechanic structures, sound waves produced by other equipment lead to the “pump-heating” phenomena. The pump-heating effect allows manipulation of temperature by acoustic impacts on gas volume. Through fine acoustic designs, backward Thermoacoustic processes can be used to produce cryocoolers and heat pumps.

  • Lihan's Story: A Decade of Innovation

    Lihan's Story: A Decade of Innovation

    2007: A Humble Start

    Dr. Luo Ercang, our chief scientist who is also affiliating with the Chinese Academy of Science, was awarded the Hu Gangfu Prize, the highest honor in Physics in China, for making theoretical breakthrough in the field of thermoacoustics.

    Our company, Lihan, was born in July of the same year, with the mission to translate Dr. Luo’s theoretical contributions into high qualitied industrial products.

    2008-2013: Years of Research and Recognition

    We devoted ourselves to research in the first few years of our company. Major efforts include thermoacoustic solar generator and thermoacoustic cryocooler, etc. We received multiple recognitions for our efforts, notably Municipal High-tech Company of Shenzhen (2008), winner of the China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition (2009), and grand prize for Industrial Design in China Electrical Equipment Competition (2013).

    2014: The Birth of Lihan Cryogenics Co. Ltd

    As our technology in cryogenics matured, we decided to establish a subsidiary concentrating solely on thermoacoustic cryogenics. The result was the birth of Lihan Cryogenics Co. Ltd. The new company features a group of energetic, talented researchers and engineers, as well as a new facility which consistently manufacturing high quality cryocoolers.

    2015: Commercial Breakthroughs and Continuing Research

    In 2015, we formally establish long-term partnership with a global leading firm in nuclear industry.

    We are also continuously devoting our most of our resources into R&D, ranging from power generation to heat pumping.

  • R&D: Awards and Prizes

    Our strength in R&D has won us many scientific/engineering awards and prizes. Here is a short list of recognitions we received:


    • Awards & Prizes


      2006-2007    胡刚复物理奖(我国物理学最高奖之一)

                            Hu Gangfu Prize in Physics (Highest Honor in Physics in China)              

               2008     深圳市高新技术企业

                            Municipal High-Tech Firm, Shenzhen City    

               2008     深圳市南山区“创业之星”大赛第四名

                            No.4, Star of Entrepreneurship Competition, Nanshan Dist., Shenzhen

               2009     首届中国(深圳)创新创业大赛第一名

                            Winner, China Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition

               2009     联合国工业发展组织蓝天优秀奖

                            Merit Award, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

       2009-2010    连续2年被中科院广州分院评为“创新岗位”



                           Award in Innovation, China International Industry Expo

              2011     深圳市绿色创新标杆企业

                           Merit Award, Shenzhen Green Innovation Development Organization

              2012     广东省重点新产品称号

                           Provincial Yearly New Product, Guangdong Province

              2013     中国电子装备工业设计大奖

                           Grand Prize, China Digital Equipment Industrial Design Competition

              2014     国家高新技术企业         

                           National High-tech Firm

              2014     深圳市科学技术奖技术发明奖

                           Prize in Invention, Shenzhen Science and Technology Competition

              2014     深圳第四届自主创新百强中小企业

                           Top 100 List, 4th Shenzhen Small-Medium Sized Entrepreneurship


             2015      获得ISO9001:2008的认证

                           ISO9001:2008 Certificate

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