TC4177 is the second generation thermoacoustic cryocooler developed by Lihan. Brand new gas-bearing design and advanced pulse tube production ensure its reliability and durability. Split structure offers convenience in compact space. Leading-edge heat pipe radiator technology significantly reduces vibration and noise. Dedicated cryogenic controlling technology provides stable and accurate control of temperature. This cryocooler can be used in many different applications, such as high-temperature superconductive filter cooling, HPGe detection cooling, scientific, etc.

Impact Resistance: TC4177 performs outstandingly in terms of impact resistance because, unlike Stirling Cryocooler, its pulse tube does not consist of displacer. When working, the top of TC4177's cold head is able to endure maximal external mass of 200g and moment of inertia of 80kg.mm2 under 40G acceleration.


Low Vibration: TC4177's compressor adopts dual-engine opposed positioning structure and thus achieves nearly undetectable vibration.


Low Noise: Dual-engine opposed positioning structure is free of passive oscillator, which significantly reduces noise. TC4177 is therefore very suitable in indoors and other low noise environments. When working under power rating, noise is lower than 50dB at a distance of 1 meter from the cryocooler.


Air Cooling: TC4177 works by air cooling. With no requirements for additional water-cycling system, it is cost-efficient and user-friendly.


Longevity: The pulse tube is remarkably reliable thanks to its no-moving-part design. Gas-bearing structure of the compressor's main piston avoids springs, which might reduce the cooler's longevity. After strict reliability tests, the longevity of TC4177 reaches MTTF of 45,000 hours.


Easy Maintenance: By meticulous Laser Beam Welding (LBW), leakage is limited to 1×10-8 L×Pa/s. No maintenance is required over the whole life of the product.

Product Brief Specification-TC4177
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